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Skydive Arizona is proud to be represented by teams who show passion and dedication to the sport. All teams are available for private coaching. 

Airspeed Logo.jpg

Arizona Airspeed, current US National Champions in 4-way Formation Skydiving, is available for sky coaching at Skydive Arizona and tunnel coaching at SkyVenture Arizona. Learn More

Freestyle Swoop.jpg

Justin Price

With 19 years of skydiving under his belly-band, Justin Price has done a little bit of everything. Former camera flier for Arizona Airspeed turned canopy pilot extraordinaire he has more medals than we can list. As a Performance Designs sponsored  athlete, and  Flight-1 Instructor, we are lucky to have Justin as one of our local athletes! 

Fliteshop Logo.jpg

Fliteshop has won the Gold Medal for six consecutive years and holds the record for fastest sequence in Mixed Formation Skydiving. Contact for coaching.

Anthem Logo.jpg

Arizona Anthem is heading into their 5th year as a competitive VFS team.

They have placed in the top three in multiple national-level competitions and they represented the U.S. during the 2019 World Cup of Formation Skydiving.

Contact for coaching.

Wingsuit Team.jpg

Pteam Pterodacty is an acrobatic wingsuit team that will be competing on the United States Parachute team for the 2022 World Championships. They are available for coaching and introductory wingsuit courses. Contact

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