Desert Skies Rigging

Desert Skies Parachute Rigging is a full service parachute rigging, inspection, maintenance, and repair facility staffed by experienced Federal Aviation Administration certified Master Parachute Riggers. In the United States, Parachute Riggers are rated by the FAA under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 65.

Desert Skies also has extensive experience dealing with military equipment such as Complete Parachute Solutions, Multi Mission systems, and Military Javelin systems equipped with standard hand deploy pilot chutes, spring loaded pilot chutes, self-set drogue, static line drogue and dual bag static line deployment methods.

Desert Skies can also pack pilot emergency rigs including back, seat and chest mounted reserves. 

For more information, please visit DESERT SKIES RIGGING or contact or call 520-466-0495.

John H. Lyman - Owner/Manager/Master Parachute Rigger

  • Years in Sport: 16
  • Number of Jumps: 9000+
  • Rating: FAA Master Parachute Rigger: B/S/C, USPA AFF, TDM, PRO
  • Years Rigging: 10
  • Reserves Inspected and Packed: 2000+
  • Saves: Quit Counting at 50
  • Skydiving & Rigging Philosophy: You never stop learning, once you think something cannot happen to you, it is bound to.

Contact Information Call: 520-233-1245

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Photo © Jessica Forde

Photo © Jessica Forde