Skydive Arizona's Aircraft Fleet

Skydive Arizona is proud to boast the largest fleet of skydiving aircraft in the world! The fleet includes:

  • 7- SKYVANS
  • 1- DC-3
  • 1- BEECH 18 

The twin otters are the standard flying aircraft and skyvans are scheduled for fun jumping at the regular Skydive Arizona boogies, events, camps, big ways, and random weekends. The twin otters and skyvans fit up to 23 jumpers and the jumping altitude is 13,000 AGL. 

Turnaround times are approximately 20 minutes and you can monitor the calls HERE

Skydive Arizona’s fleet is so popular that they are also seen at the Lost Prairie Boogie, Redemption Boogie, and MOAB Boogie.

In addition to the incredible fleet, High But Dry Balloons operates out of Skydive Arizona offering the spectacular experience jumping out of a hot air balloon. You may contact them HERE

Photo © Benjamin Forde

Photo © Ian Mackenzie