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Experienced Jumper requirements 


You must be at least 18 years old with a valid photo ID. 


USPA Member

You must have a current USPA membership.

You can renew your membership or get a temporary membership here.



We do not have Burble so we will not be able to look up your jump history. A logbook signed by another licensed skydiver is the only way for us to verify your experience and currency.


A License = 60 Days

B License = 90 Days

C & D License = 180 Days

If you do not have proof of currency for the license you hold, you will need to schedule a refresher course.

Gear Requirements
Rigger Seal.jpeg

Reserve Pin

The reserve pin must have a rigger's seal that matches the packing data card.


Data Card

The reserve repack must have been within the past 180 days. The rigger's seal must match the card. 



AAD's are NOT required but  highly recommended. 
Absolutely NO Argus AAD's are allowed. 


If you are jumping gear that has an American TSO, you will need to follow the 180 day repack cycle for your reserve. This is verified by the data card and reserve pin seal. 

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