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The prices on this page are for USPA licensed skydivers. If you are looking for the price of a tandem skydive, visit here.

Lift Ticket
$33 USD

Prices subject to change

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Bulk Tickets

12 Tickets in 2 consecutive days: $363
50 Tickets in 1 week: $1400
50 Tickets for 30 consecutive days: $1525
100 tickets for 45 consecutive days: $2925

Block tickets are individual use and cannot be shared. Special rate tickets are non-refundable.


All prices subject to change 

Team rates

$28 per ticket per member.

Team Requirements: 4-Way & 8-Way FS that make a minimum of 30 jumps per week together. 
Teams that make at least 50 team jumps per week together

All prices subject to change

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