Summer Night Jumps

If you missed the night jump in May, mark your calendar for June 11th! The way it works: Typically we do not jump from sunrise to sunset during the summer months. We open early (7am) and try to get as many loads in the air as we can before dust devils and thermals and triple digit temperatures hit. Typically, most experienced skydivers are done by 1 or 2pm. In the past, we haven't hosted night jumps in the summer time because we need to bring in a new pilot and ground crew for just one skydive...BUT...we decided to send multiple night loads AND a sunset load to make it worth everybody's time! Sunset Load: is just what it sounds like. The plane takes off 45minutes prior to sunset so everyone on board can appreciate the colorful sky under canopy and land with plenty of light to remain within the BSR's. No special license required but NO RENTAL GEAR is allowed. There is only one sunset load.

Night Load: You must be B-Licensed qualified and attend a briefing which happens before the load takes off. The cost is a jump ticket PLUS an additional $10 cash which is given to the staff who are working abnormal hours. In order to participate in a night jump, you must have completed at least one jump on the same day. Ideally, it is best for you to jump on the sunset load so you can feel out the current conditions. LIGHTS: we have a set of lights that you can rent for a refundable $10 cash. They are easily taped to a helmet. If you want additional lights or glow-sticks, you must bring them for yourself. Hint: check the Amazon LED shoes out! We will send as many night loads as we have people to fill. 15 minimum to send one load. The landing area will be illuminated with car/truck headlights and landing patterns will be discussed in the briefing.

Photo of Dean Weatherby and Ryan Goodman