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Project 19 Skydiving

You may have seen a hashtag #project19 or overheard something on the news about it, but what exactly is Project19? This movement started with the upcoming 100 year anniversary of the 19th amendment to the constitution of the United States. This amendment gave women the right to vote. It was a long process to win the right to vote and it took the courage and persistence of many women to stand up for their rights.

The skydiving community is honoring the women's suffrage movement by planning a new world record. 100 women skydivers will come together in July 2020 to attempt this difficult task. Sponsored by the Women's Skydiving Network, this project has held training camps all over the world to inspire women to train and try-out for the record. Skydive Arizona has hosted several of these camps and we are looking forward to hosting another in March 2020. We are thrilled to see so many talented women skydivers training to accomplish this goal. Check our Facebook page to keep up with the Arizona Project19 camps!


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