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Marketing & Events manager

Skydive Arizona is seeking a dynamic Marketing & Events Manager with a passion for skydiving and experience in marketing and event management. If you are an adventurous professional with a knack for creativity and a background in skydiving, read on!

Key Qualifications:

• Proven experience in marketing and events management.

• Several years of skydiving experience.

• Excellent computer skills with proficiency in Adobe Photoshop or InDesign.


• Generate creative ideas for events and handle the planning, promoting, advertising, coordination, and implementation of all activities at the drop zone.

• Engage actively on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to post and promote Skydive Arizona companies.

• Keep the websites current, highlighting upcoming events and drop zone promotions.

• Craft press releases for events and other significant drop zone happenings.

• Design posters and promotional materials for events and support other departments as necessary.

• Collaborate with a graphic designer on advertisements and t-shirt designs for events.

• Work alongside photographers to secure photos for advertising, websites, and social media.

• Prepare detailed pre-event schedules and comprehensive post-event reports

• Maintain close communication with department managers for event planning and updates.

• Regularly interact with customers to foster a positive impression of the drop zone.


• Legally authorized to work in the United States.

• Compliance with Federal Drug-Free Workplace policy, including pre-employment and random drug testing.

Application Instructions:

Interested candidates are invited to email a resume and cover letter to Sally at


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