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How Many skydives can be made in one day

How many skydives can you make in one day? Licensed skydivers are quite content to jump all day, weather and airplane permitting. With the help of a professional parachute packer and multiple parachute rigs, some skydivers regularly make over a dozen jumps a day. More commonly, the average weekend warrior makes 4-6 skydives on a relaxed jump day, packing for him or herself; while competitive teams on a training day will pay a packer and make 10-16 jumps. Tandem students most often only make a single skydive, but we encourage you to go right back up again for a second (at half price!!!). You’ll find that you’ll see and hear and feel much more the second time around!

If you’re feeling truly ambitious, the World Record for most tandem skydives made by the same individual in 24 hours is 105, set in the U.S. by a brother-sister pair in 2011.

And as for solo skydives, if you’re World Record holder Jay Stokes, the number is 640…

If you want to make just one skydive for your first time, book a tandem to see what the world of skydiving has in store for you!

Photo: Alex Swindle


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