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Cost of Skydiving

How much does it cost to go skydiving? Prices differ based on the facility but most skydiving centers in the United States have very similar costs for a tandem skydive. At Adventures In Skydiving, the tandem center at Skydive Arizona, a regular price tandem is $259. Discounts are given for students and military personnel with the appropriate photo identification. Group discounts are also available with 10 or more people.

Now Is there any way to skydive for cheaper? You will possibly find a place willing to take less money...but when it comes to an activity that is reliant on quality gear, airplanes and you really want to bargain shop? If skydiving is on your must-do list, don't cut corners with quality. Make sure you choose a facility that has an excellent reputation. Skydiving is not a cheap activity and you should never feel like you are getting the budget-friendly version. We welcome visitors 7 days a week to come and watch the many skydivers who are using our facilities. If you want to come out just to watch and ask questions, we guarantee you will not feel pressured into making a jump until the time feels right for you. Until that time, come and enjoy a meal at the restaurant and take a look around. You may even decide to take the leap!

Photo: Gen Montreuil


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