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Age Limit For Skydiving

How old do you have to be to skydive? If you are talking about leaping from an airplane from 13,500ft, the answer is: you have to be over age18. However, many people do not know about INDOOR skydiving.

Here at Skydive Arizona, we have a facility known as a wind tunnel. This is basically a chamber that gets air pushed through it at various speeds. The pressure that the air creates is enough to lift you up in the air which simulates the experience you have jumping out of an airplane. The feeling is so similar to free fall, skydivers use wind tunnels for training purposes.

We also welcome many first-timers each year who come to experience skydiving indoors. The great thing about indoor skydiving is anyone can do it! If you are potty trained, you will be allowed in the tunnel. At Skyventure Arizona, we host regular kids nights so they can fly with their peers and make new friends. It is also a fun way for families to do something together. If you think you would like to try our indoor skydiving, check out the website!


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