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Square 2 is an all around pro-shop for skydivers and visitors. Square 2 stocks the classic skydiving gear including altimeters, goggles, jumpsuits, rubber bands, batteries, t-shirts, and more!


Mirror Skydive Arizona's hours.

If people are jumping, Square2 is open! 


Rentals & Demos

Square2 has an extensive stock for rental and demo purposes with 16 rigs and over 30 canopies to best fit a jumper’s experience. Please call or email in advance to make sure they have the right fit for you.



Square 2 is a vendor for popular brands such as VSE, Rigging Innovations, Sun Path, Mirage, UPT, Cypres, Vigil, Bev Suits, Alti-2, L&B, Tony Suits, Go Pro, Gatorz, Liquid Eyewear, Oakley, DaKine Luggage, Cookie, Kiss, Phantom X helmets and much much more.


Consignment opportunities are also available through the store.

If you’re a new jumper, Square 2 has knowledgeable, friendly staff to help inform you about the various skydiving products on the market.

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