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The Bent Prop Saloon is  is a  restaurant and bar that serves American style cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Indoor Skydiving AZ.jpg

Indoor Skydiving

SkyVenture Arizona is a 14-foot wind tunnel. It is the perfect place to get the feel for a skydive or build your body flight skills.

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There are several options for staying at the dropzone. From one night to over a month, you can stay as long as you like!


Contact us for reservations.

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Rigging Loft

Need a reserve repack? Or some help with gear maintenance? Desert Skies Rigging

is right on site!

Arizona Swoop Pond.jpg

Swoop Pond

Competition sized with the ability to train speed, distance and zone accuracy in both directions. 

Fill out the Pond Requirement Card prior to arrival. 


Gear Store

Skydiving rentals and other essentials  for sale as well as apparel and souvenirs. Square2 is your all-around gear store! 

Arizona Swimming Pool

Swimming pool

Where the locals hang out after their summer jumps. This is a great place to meet up after a day of skydiving.

Toltec Wellness.jpg

Toltec Wellness

Acupuncture, massage and pilates. These services will get you feeling like skydiving in no time. 

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