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Looking Forward to September!

by Skydive Arizona | Aug 30, 2020

We can't believe it is already the end of August!  We must have been having fun this summer because it definitely flew by! Luckily in Arizona, the end of summer doesn't mean that the fun is over. Here in Eloy, September means the cooler weather is approaching and some of the best skydiving weather is about to hit. Let's take a look at the events that are going to make September a very fun month....

AXIS Flight school will be holding 2 canopy courses for B-License candidates. This is the best way to learn new canopy piloting skills and end the day with water training in the pool! Dates are September 5th and 19th. Check their website for more information: https://axisflightschool.com/

A man is underwater with his blue parachute floating above hime on the surface

As we all know, the USPA Nationals were cancelled due to COVID concerns. There is now a virtual competition taking place September 19 - 20th. Skydive Chicago is the host but you can complete your jumps here with us! Make sure to sign up here: https://skydivechicago.com/event/skydiving-nationals-2-0/

For those of you who are interested in learning more about MFS, Fliteshop is the current team that holds the national Gold Medal and they are now hosting virtual meets to help grow the discipline. The fist meet begins August 31 and everyone has until September 13th to complete their jumps. Fliteshop will then do an online judging and debriefing to help each team improve. They will then be at the Dropzone in person for Nationals 2.0 (Sept 19-20) so if your team wants to compete they will provide you with some solid advice in between jumps! 

Fliteshop Gold

For those of you who have someone in your life that absolutely needs to learn how to skydive, there will be two First Jump Courses that are available in September (13th and 27th). This all-day ground school ends with 10minutes of tunnel time at the onsite wind-tunnel SkyVenture. Hurry up and have them sign up because spots are limited and fill up quickly! https://www.adventuresinskydiving.com/skydiving-school/ground-school-schedule

two instructors and one student skydiver in falling together in the sky.

The last weekend of September marks out annual boogie for the locals, "Arizona Days." This year's theme is Staycation, so get your Hawaiian shirts ready because we are bringing all aspects of summer vacation to the dropzone! We will have night-time paintball wars on Friday night and a FREE Brisket dinner on Saturday night cooked by DZO Steve Hill! Plenty of open space seating and shaded picnic tables will make this a socially distance delight! A sunset high-pull will wrap up the jump day on Saturday and rumor has it...the DC-3 might come out to play! 

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To wrap up the month, Airspeed will be organizing the "Arizona Challenge" with multiple plane formation loads running from the 24-27th! This is an invitational event so if you didn't know about it until now, you probably didn't make the cut (or you never applied). Keep an eye on the sky during this camp to watch some of the amazing formations these elite skydivers can create! 

Big Group of skydivers in freefall

Don't worry guys..the fun won't end there, next up is our FAVORITE month OCTOBER!!!!

Manifest / Weather

Check out the current loads and calls or current weather conditions from home! 



Check out the calendar for details on upcoming events, courses, boogies and more!
Red Bull Pilot Kirby Chambliss flying upside down


Nik Daniels flies his PD Canopy



Team Requirements: 4-Way & 8-Way FS that make a minimum of 30 jumps per week together. 
Freefly teams that make at least 50 team jumps per week together. 


12 Tickets in 2 consecutive days: $308
50 Tickets in 1 week: $1150
50 Tickets for 30 consecutive days: $1275
100 tickets for 45 consecutive days: $2425

Block tickets are individual use and cannot be shared. Special rate tickets are non-refundable. 
We accept cash or card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX)

Load Organizers

Load organizers are experienced local jumpers who can engineer skydives and help you meet other jumpers. Typically we have a load organizer who is skilled at vertical skydives and another organizer who is experienced with belly jumps. On weekends we usually have wingsuit organizers as well.

Check out the calendar to see who is organizing during your visit!

During the busy season from October 1 - April 30, we provide load organizers 7 days a week. During the summer months May 1 - September 30, load organizers are available on weekends. 

a group of skydivers leaving a skyvan airplane

Hot Air Balloon Jumps

Skydivers jump out of a hot air balloon
The company we work closely with is Droplyne. The owner of this company has a lot of experience dropping skydivers at and around our facillity. For more information about pricing and reservations, check out their website!


Skydiver over skydive arizona

  • You must be current and hold an "A" license or higher.
  • You must have a current USPA membership. You can get a temporary membership here.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age  to skydive at Skydive Arizona.
  • Be sure to bring your logbooks, ratings, and proof of USPA membership.
  • If you do not have a license you will have to be cleared by our staff Instructor or examiner.
  • We do not have Burble so we will not be able to look up your jump history. A logbook signed by another licensed skydiver is the only way for us to verify your experience and currency. 


Jumpers must be at least 18 years of age, hold a current "A" License or higher and must also be current on their jumps with proof in a logbook:

"A" License: Must have made a jump within 60 days

"B" License: Must have made a jump within 90 days

"C and D" Licenses: Must have made a jump within 6 months

Anyone who is not current must contact our skydiving school and schedule a refresher course and check dive. (Please note: The School is closed every Tuesday and Wednesday)



  • AAD's are required for student jumps only, but highly recommended for everyone
  • Argus AAD's are not allowed to be used at Skydive Arizona. Argus AAD's may not be used, even if it's turned off in the container system. 
  • The Repack Cycle requirement in the US is 180 days.

  • Wing loading should not exceed manufacturers recommendations.

  • Visit Desert Skies Rigging Page for all your repacking needs.


Due to some technical changes in the rules about how containers and reserves are packed and maintained, we want our customers visiting from outside the USA to be aware of a potential problem.

If your gear is approved with a US Certification (all American made gear and any European gear with a TSO) it has to meet US standards for maintenance and packing cycles. This means it must have a seal on the reserve, be packed within 180 days of use, and be packed by an FAA approved rigger.

While we do not have any way to check the status of your rigger, your gear will need to be packed within the past 180 days and the reserve will need to be sealed with the rigger’s number or symbol on it.

We will be working with our Federal Aviation Administration to resolve this as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we apologize for the inconvenience.


Skydive Arizona is a United States Parachute Association (USPA) Group Member. We adhere to all Federal Aviation Regulations and all USPA Basic Safety Requirements. In addition to the BSRs, the USPA has established recommendations for many activities that Skydive Arizona fully supports.

You can read more about the Canopy Flight Policies before jumping with us. This will help you familiarize yourself with the different landing areas and flight patterns.

It is also a good idea to read through the Known Landing Hazards to familiarize yourself with what the typical problematic patterns and landings are and how to avoid them. 

Every dropzone has their own Aircraft Policies. Since we have several different types of aircraft, read before before you board the plane to keep from making an embarrassing mistake.

parachutist flying green parachute over the desert sunset


Skydive Arizona offers several options for the traveling jumper. We strongly suggest advanced reservations:


bunk beds inside the bunk house

The bunk house is conveniently located right on the drop zone, so you don't have to miss a thing!

The bunk house is like a hostel. Linens (sheets, blankets, and a pillow) are available or jumpers can provide their own bedding. There are refrigerators, a microwave, dry food storage, and a common room.

We do not provide towels so remember to bring your own!

Price: $8 per person, per night. If you book for a week or longer, the price drops to $7 per night.

* A $50 cash deposit is required upon arrival and will be refunded to you when you leave as long as you don't loose your key!!


Jump@skydiveAZ.com or 520-466-3753


four bunk beds together in a room

The team rooms are located on the east side of the drop zone, behind the bunkhouse and Square 2. They include bunk beds and a small refrigerator. Team rooms may be used as overnight accommodations, for storing gear, and for debriefing.

Team Room Prices:

4 Bunk Room: $40 per night. If you book one week or more, price reduced to $32 per night. 

6 Bunk Room: $60 per night. If you book one week or more, price reduced to $48 per night.

10 Bunk Room: $100 per night. If you book one week or more, price reduced to $80 per night.

* A $50 cash deposit is required upon arrival and will be refunded to you when you leave as long as you don't loose your key!!


Jump@skydiveAZ.com or 520-466-3753


Tent camping is free year round. Tent city is located in a grassy area across from the Bent Prop, easily accessed from the parking lot.

Short term RV parking (less than 30 days) is available on the DZ. There are 10 full hook-up and 9 electric only slots. Reservations are highly recommended.

Long term RV parking is also available on the drop zone. There are 24 full hook-ups and 14 electric only hook-ups.


Jump@skydiveAZ.com or 520-466-3753


Sky Rider Suites
(520) 466-4300

Holiday Inn
(520) 426-3500 
777 North Pinal Avenue
Casa Grande, AZ 85122

10% discount for skydivers

Holidday Inn Logo




1.5 miles www.eloyrentals.com

*All hotels listed above are independently owner and operated. Skydive Arizona, provides this list as a service to our customers.


Wingsuit Coaching

We have several wingsuit coaches available to teach the first flight course and help you improve your skills. According to the USPA, a minimum of 200 skydives are a pre-requisite to learning how to wingsuit.
Contact our coaches to schedule a course. 
A girl rides on the back of a wingsuit skydiver


If you have the desire to learn and improve, we have a coach for you. Whether it is a tunnel skill, a canopy course, freefall maneuvers or wingsuit abilities you seek, at Skydive Arizona we have it all. 



Check out our Ratings page for USPA Coach, AFF, or Tandem instructor rating information.
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