Team Photos

(From Left) Matt Davidson, Niklas Hemlin, David French, Mikhail Markine, Thiago Gomes


The team with a 25 year legacy at Skydive Arizona. They currently hold 7 World Championships in 4-way and 8-way Formation Skydiving. The team also brought home the gold medal from the 2019 World Cup of Formation Skydiving.

xforce team photo
(From Left) Michael Bougher, Niklas Daniel, Brianne Thompson, Keith Fournier, Nathan Roth


Founded in 2014, the 4-Way VFS (open) team has won medals in every USPA National Championship since 2015. After three consecutive bronze medals (2015-2017), the current line-up won the silver medal in the 2018 USPA Nationals. The team also took home a bronze medal in the 2019 FAI World Cup of Formation Skydiving. 

Team Photo of Anthem
(From Left) Chazi Blacksher, John Blackburn, Andy Locke, Johnny Gunn, Seth Studer

Arizona Anthem

2019 will be the team's second year at Skydive Arizona although this year they have a new line-up! Anthem represented Skydive Arizona in 4-Way VFS for the 2019 Nationals and World Cup. 

team photo of defiance
(From Left) John Lyman, Jason Jones, Joe Howard, Karleen King, Paul Marstall

AZ Defiance

Defiance is our advanced 4-Way FS team that is in their 5th year here at Skydive Arizona. You can find the team competing in the monthly Arizona Skydiving League Meets with the current goal of competing at 
US Nationals 2020.

Dream team photo
(From Left) Chazi Blacksher, John Blackburn



Dynamic Duo Chazi Blacksher and John Blackburn are busy flying not only with AZ Anthem but with their own freestyle team as well! We are lucky to have this dedicated team who represented Skydive Arizona at the 2019 Nationals where they took home the bronze medal! 


justin price photo with medal
With 19 years of skydiving under his belly-band, Justin Price has done a little bit of everything. Former camera flier for Arizona Airspeed turned canopy pilot extraordinaire he has more medals than we can list. As a Performance Designs sponsored  athlete, and  Flight-1 Instructor, we are lucky to have Justin as one of our local athletes!