General Safety Guidelines

Skydive Arizona is a United States Parachute Association (USPA) Group Member. We adhere to all Federal Aviation Regulations and all USPA Basic Safety Requirements. In addition to the BSRs, the USPA has established recommendations for many activities that Skydive Arizona fully supports.

We ask that you please review the following documents before visiting Skydive Arizona. Although you will receive a safety briefing when you check in at the manifest office, it is always helpful if you familiarize yourself with our policies and landing conditions prior to your arrival.

Any activity other than falling straight down and pulling at a normal altitude adds to the complexity of drop zone operations. If you are planning any of the following, please review our special procedures:

You can enhance your safety and the safety of others by following these routine procedures:

  • Before trying any new type of activity such as free flying, tracking, camera jumps, or flying a new canopy, consult an instructor, coach, or safety officer.
  • Before the first jump of the day, check your equipment carefully for proper condition and assembly.
  • At the tram loading area, on each jump, look at the wind conditions, check the ground speed on jump run, and discuss exit order with the other jumpers.
  • If you are unsure about our procedures or have questions about conditions, please ask the manifest office or the Drop Zone Safety Officer (DZSO) for more information.