Experienced Skydiver Requirements

  • You must be current and hold an "A" license or higher.
  • You must have a current USPA membership. You can get a temporary membership here.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age  to skydive at Skydive Arizona.
  • Be sure to bring your logbooks, ratings, and proof of USPA membership.
  • If you do not have a license you will have to be cleared by our staff Instructor or examiner.
  • We do not have Burble so we will not be able to look up your jump history. A logbook signed by another licensed skydiver is the only way for us to verify your experience and currency. 

Currency Requirements

Jumpers must be at least 18 years of age, hold a current "A" License or higher and must also be current on their jumps with proof in a logbook:

"A" License: Must have made a jump within 60 days

"B" License: Must have made a jump within 90 days

"C and D" Licenses: Must have made a jump within 6 months

Anyone who is not current must contact our skydiving school and schedule a refresher course and check dive. (Please note: The School is closed every Tuesday and Wednesday)

Email                        School Office: 520.466.0491

Gear Requirements

  • AAD's are required for student jumps only, but highly recommended for everyone
  • Argus AAD's are not allowed to be used at Skydive Arizona. Argus AAD's may not be used, even if it's turned off in the container system. 
  • The Repack Cycle requirement in the US is 180 days.

  •  Wing loading should not exceed manufacturers recommendations.

  • Visit Desert Skies Rigging Page for all your repacking needs.

International Skydivers

Due to some technical changes in the rules about how containers and reserves are packed and maintained, we want our customers visiting from outside the USA to be aware of a potential problem.

If your gear is approved with a US Certification (all American made gear and any European gear with a TSO) it has to meet US standards for maintenance and packing cycles. This means it must have a seal on the reserve, be packed within 180 days of use, and be packed by an FAA approved rigger.

While we do not have any way to check the status of your rigger, your gear will need to be packed within the past 180 days and the reserve will need to be sealed with the rigger’s number or symbol on it.

We will be working with our Federal Aviation Administration to resolve this as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Arizona Airspeed Block 6 Skydive Arizona

Photo © Mike McGowan