February Re-Cap

March 04, 2021

In the world of belly skydiving:
Arizona Skydiving League Hosted their second meet of 2021. Arizona AAA team Defiance scored an average of 11.5. The next meet is March 27. Follow the Arizona Skydiving Tribe on Facebook to learn more!. 


Arizona Airspeed hosted not one but two big-way camps during the month of February. The first event was a 40-way invitational that was a postponed from it's original date in January. The second event was the annual "Intro to Big-ways" that Airspeed hosts to help less experienced flyers gain the skills needed to attend larger formation jumps. 

Airspeed Bigway


The 2021 Indoor Skydiving Championships were held at Paraclete XP and Arizona Airspeed took the gold in 4-way with an average of 31.5. The all-woman team XPG4 came in fourth with an average score of 24.6. Airspeed 8 also dominated and came home with the gold medal! Intermediate 4-way team AZ Aardvark scored an average of 13 points. 

Airspeed Gold

Alice Hicks turned 77 and to celebrate, she participated in a formation to create the number 77 in the sky!


In the world of vertical skydiving: 

Arizona locals participated in a big-way head down camp organized by Johnny Gunn.

Dsquared HD


Arizona Sole Sisters competed at the US Indoor Skydiving National Championships in 2-way VFS Open and came in second with an average score of 16. They also achieved a women's national record of longest sequence 22 points! 

Sole Sisters

Arizona Anthem has announced their alternate team-member Michael Bougher, who completed his first training weekend with the team. 

Brand new Freestyle team Helios was born and we are all excited to watch their progress!


In the world of Wingsuit Skydiving: 

Craig, Carlos and Joe kept everyone's palms sweating with their amazing wingsuit BASE adventures off of local AZ mountains.

- New wingsuiter Alack joined the flock! 

- Pteam Pterodactyl was spotted in the centerfold of Parachutist February issue. 


In the world of Adventures In Skydiving:
New staff member Anabel is now working in the office. She is joining us from the bay area skydiving scene. 

New graduates: 10 new A- License skydivers joined the ranks of the USPA skydiving family. 

A Feb 3A Feb2A Feb 5A feb4A feb 7A feb 6A feb 8A feb 10A Feb 1a feb 9

In the world of Achievements:
- 100 jumps celebrated by: Chase Jones, Olivia Bean, Chris Siringer and Lauren Rodes.
- B and C Licenses went out to Bryce Redmond and Harrison Murdock respectively. 
- C and D Licenses went out to Ben Ninnemann.

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