World War II Veteran Goes Skydiving At Age 100

February 15, 2021

Charlie Montanaro is a retired Merchant Marine who was stationed at Pearl Harbor when World War 2 broke out.  After living through the war, and making it to 100 years of age, he decided that he would celebrate his century of life by making his first skydive!

Charlie poses with friends and family before making his first skydive.

His tandem jump was organized by the non-profit group, Honor Flight Nevada and of course we were honored when he chose to come to Skydive Arizona and do a tandem skydive through the school Adventures In Skydiving. 
Picture of 100 year old man during his first skydive.
He was not alone, friends and family wearing 'Team Charlie' shirts came along to make a jump as well or watch him land. Charlie said before the jump, "It's about all there is left to do in life." and when he touched back down to earth under the parachute he said he was ready to do it again! 

Picture of Charlie with his tandem instructor after landing the parachute.
Charlie's instructor Scott Wood is not new to taking elderly adrenaline junkies on their first jump. He has taken several people in their 90's and another centenarian back in February 2019. He says "My favorite tandems to date.....when someone experiences something that is perceived to be creates an amazing feeling for everyone who’s there. I love this sport."

Maybe we will see Charlie back next year for his 101st Birthday!

All Photos taken by Emily Quinn.

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