Featured Friday - A Aron Schmidt

May 29, 2020

Today we will be meeting a Tandem Instructor, AFF-Instructor and Videographer....Ay Ay Ron as everyone calls him! 

A globetrotter basketball player makes a basket while parachuting tandem.

Above photo is Aaron steering the parachute that helped the Harlem Globe Trotters make the trick shot after skydiving from 13,000ft!

Where are you from originally?



What brought you to Arizona and how long have you lived here?

I moved out here 12 years ago for a job after college.


What is your favorite color?

I don't really have one. Maybe yellow or orange, something bright.


What is your favorite food?

Right now I am into this place called Taco Giro. I could actually go for some right now...


What is your favorite part of skydiving?

Making people happy.


Do you have any pets?

Yes. My dog Wicket, he is adorable.

A man and his dog in matching outfits


What are your hobbies besides skydiving?

I am currently building an airplane so that's fun.


If you could go skydiving anywhere in the word, where would you go?

Probably the Blue Hole in Belize. It looks pretty rad.


Do you have any words of wisdom for us?

Slow is fast.

Is it just me or am I am killing this interview?

Yes. You are.

two people jumping out of an airplane




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