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September 07, 2019
Wow! Is it just us or did the summer just FLY by?
August was filled with some pretty awesome things:
Long-time tandem instructor and talented camera flyer Wes Moraes completed his 15,000 jump! The staff of Adventures In Skydiving couldn't help themselves and joined him on a fun-filled and pretty hilarious skydive. Congratulations Wes!
Wes does 15,000 skydives!
Some other local skydivers who passed milestones were 
Greg Anderson, who reached jump number 1,000
Greg reaches 1,000 skydives
Nathan Rogers and Jonathon Bauknecht who simultaneously reached jump number 100 and celebrated the
"undie one-hundie" with a few of their friends! 
Joaquin Poindexter reached jump 200! 
Joaquin flying a parachute

Arizona Skydiving Tribe hosted their 8th Arizona Skydiving League competition and it was one for the record books! With five AAA teams competing for the gold and one A team competing with other A teams across the USA, we had some incredibly close races for all medal positions. The coaches for September's meet included Eliana Rodriguez, Michelle Karamon, Mikhail Markine, Niklas Hemlin, and Andy Honigbaum. 

Gold medalists Air Force Boomers, won Free jump tickets and then graciously
gave their prize to 3rd place AZ Crime- who then passed the prize down to the rookie team- "Tang and the Harpettes"
2nd place Air Force Shadow won a $50 gift certificate to the Bent Prop, and the Larsen & Brusgaard raffle for a new Ares II  was won by Curtis Smith from Air Force Boomers!

Adventures In Skydiving graduated three students during the month of August. Dawson Hale, Kevin Strongman and Clay Tyler are the newest A-License recipients in Eloy!
The next ground school courses are scheduled for September 15th and September 29th.

If you haven't downloaded it yet, you should! We now have a FREE mobile app. Join the "Eloy Crew" of experienced jumpers to get VIP rewards (like free jump tickets)!
Skydive Arizona Free Mobile App

The latest gear on the market that has everyone talking is the new Cookie G4. If you are looking to buy this super quality helmet, see the staff in Square2 and they will be able to help you with choosing the right size and color! 

August wrapped up with a tunnel camp hosted by local team, AZ Defiance. The camp gave free 4-Way coaching with a 2:2 ratio. Participants learned new blocks, new slots and one pair flew their best block 6 ever! Those who flew at the camp ranged in skill level, from less than 100 jumps to over 1,000 jumps. Each person walked away with new knowledge and skill. The camp has been requested to repeat so keep your eyes open on the November schedule!
 Defiance team picture

Looking Forward to September:

We wish good luck to the local teams who will be going to Skydive Paraclete XP in Raeford, North Carolina to compete in the 2019 USPA National Championships. Arizona X-Force and Arizona Anthem will be representing in the 4-Way VFS discipline. AZ Defiance will be competing in 16-Way with Dallas Disturbance. Airspeed of course will also be competing in 4-Way, 8-Way, 10-Way and 16-Way with additional XP team members. "Arizona Dream" and "It's So Hilarious!" will be competing in the Freestyle event.

B-License Course-  Scheduled for September 21st at AXIS Flight School

The course includes:
*Classroom instruction
*Canopy handling drills
*Precision slow-flight
*Stall control and recovery
*Proper handling and application of toggles and risers
*Individual analysis of all landings
*Practical, personal instruction between jumps

An AXIS coach will watch your entire canopy flight on all jumps and record your approach and landing. There will be a video debrief and theoretical class work after each jump.
Axis Water

The water training portion of the course  will instruct the proper procedures for emergency water landing as well as prep you for beach boogies and water landing boogies.

This 90-minute water training course counts towards the USPA B-License requirements.

You will learn the necessary theory and also get to apply the theory in a swimming pool. Canopy and harness will be provided, but you need to bring your own swim gear and towel. Go to the AXIS Flight School Website for more information. 

Arizona Skydiving League Meet #9: 
Scheduled for September 28th. This is competition is right for you if:
*You are ready to be challenged beyond the usual weekend jumps that you’ve been doing.
* You want to take your skills to another level while having fun with friends.
* You want to connect with other like-minded skydivers and develop lasting friendships. 
* For 4-way teams wanting to get more competition experience under their belt
* Cross training for 8-way and 16-way jumpers or anyone who want to be exposed to more competition experience.
* If you just want to have fun & get free coaching!
Register by emailing

Arizona Days Boogie- September 28 & 29
Although the boogie doesn't technically begin until Saturday, we will be doing a sunset
high-pull on Friday evening. This will be set-up as a "land and play" football themed relay race. Wear a football jersey and pick 3 other team-mates!
Saturday will be a hybrid competition organized by local team AZ Dream (Chazi and Irish). The winning team will receive 1 hour of tunnel time from SkyVenture Arizona!
Saturday night will be a Brisket dinner cooked by Steve Hill himself followed by
a 1980's themed prom.  Best dressed wins "King and Queen"
Sunday will be a day to cross something off of your skydiving bucket list. We will be doing high altitude jumps from 16,000ft, jumps from the Pilatus Porter, and Star Crest jumps! 


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