Featured Friday - Yanni Lee

August 30, 2019

Today will be featuring Yanni Lee...who has multiple positions on the dropzone! Photo of Yanni skydiving
How long have you been jumping?
Almost 8 years. I started jumping at Desert Skydiving Center in Buckeye.

Where are you from?
I was born in Korea but moved to the states when I was 7. I have lived most of my life in Arizona.

What do you do for work?
I am a tunnel instructor for IFly.


I am a camera flyer for Adventures In Skydiving


I am a tandem instructor for Adventures In Skydiving


I am a load organizer. 

Oh that's all?! What do you do when you are not doing all of those things?
If I am not working, I am fun-jumping as much as I can. I also like photography so I like to go to the botanical gardens or riparian preserve to take photos with my girlfriend.

That was my next question, I was going to ask if you are single
No I am not single. 

Is your girlfriend a skydiver?
She has 4 tandems. I told her she can't do any more. Her next jump will be with her own parachute.

Wait. So you wouldn't give your girlfriend a tandem if she asked?
Nope!  I told her that she is ready to learn and she should take ground school.

So what is your favorite food?
When it comes to food I will eat just about anything but I try to eat a higher level of cuisine. I am willing to shell out the extra money for quality food.

What is your favorite movie?
Zombie Land. 

Did you see that there is another one coming out?
Yes. I saw the trailer. I am excited!

What is your favorite discipline in skydiving?
I am mostly a vertical flyer but I really like flying my parachute. 

Any words of wisdom or favorite quote?
It's a little cheesy but..you only have one life you gotta enjoy it.

Sounds like you are!

Yanni jumping
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