Featured Friday - Taylor Buffington

July 19, 2019

Today we are talking with one of our extraordinary videographers, Taylor! 

Where are you from Originally?
Birmingham, Alabama

What brought to to Arizona?
I got a job as a full-time packer for Adventures In Skydiving.
They needed a rigger for the job.

How long have you been a rigger?
About three years. I got my ticket up in Oregon because I was told that if I wanted to get paid to pack main canopies I would need to be a rigger.
I don't pack reserves though!

How long have you been skydiving for?
Well I did my first tandem when I was 18, but then college got in the way. I started AFF in Georgia and finished in Oregon a few years ago. 

What do you like about skydiving?
I can be wildly inappropriate at my workplace and it is totally acceptable!

What are your goals for skydiving?
Well I have had my tandem rating for over a year now and I'm still waiting to get paid to do a tandem skydive. 

What is your favorite movie?
That's a tough one. I'd say "The Jerk" "Liar Liar" or "Hunt for the Wilderpeople"

What is a quote you live by?
My mom always told me when I was growing up, "don't be good at a job you don't wanna do"  AND "don't ever expect anything and you will never be disappointed" 



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