Featured Friday- Quentin Costales

June 14, 2019

Today we are meeting one of the ground crew and safety officers, Quentin!

Quentin at work

Where will we see you at the dropzone?
I am ground crew so you will usually see my in the loading and fueling area. If you land off, you might be lucky enough to get a ride back to the DZ with me. 

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Casa Grande

How long have you worked for Skydive Arizona?
I started October 2017 so coming up on two years.

Before working here, did you know that Skydive Arizona existed?
Yea, I had driven by and my family has good friends that work here so I have always known about it.

Are you a skydiver?
I did a tandem jump when I turned 18. I really liked it but I haven’t started to learn on my own.

Do you plan on getting your license to skydive?
Yes definitely.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

What is your favorite movie?
If Pulp Fiction comes on TV, I always watch it. So I guess I am a fan of Tarantino. 

Is that because you have the same name?
Laughs. No. Its a good movie

What is your favorite food?
Mexican food. I guess because I am Mexican.

So then wouldn't you just call it food?
(Gives me an eye-roll)

One last question, are you single?
Who's asking? 

Don't worry, I'm not hitting on you.
Okay good. Yeah I'm single.
Quentin, an SDAZ employee. Portrait.

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