Featured Friday - Spencer Martin

May 31, 2019
Today we will be meeting another one of our pilots, Spencer Martin! 
Pilot and plane.

Why did you become a pilot?
I grew up around airplanes. My father and his father both flew in the US Air Force so I have been around aviation my whole life. As a kid, we would go to the base for first-Friday barbeques and my dad would let me sit in the front of an F-16. 

When I was in the second grade, my dad bought a Stearman (open cockpit bi-plane). We would go on trips and he would buckle my sister and I together in the front seat. I was so young I could barely see out and above the cockpit. 

Where did you grow up?
I moved around as a kid because of my father's military career. I have probably moved like 20 times or so. Before moving to Arizona I was in South Carolina.

Did you ever consider skydiving before working for SDAZ? 
A little bit. The Stearman my dad owns has bucket seats with parachutes so I always had that in my head as a kid that I should probably learn how to use one. Then, I had a close call flying a glider in South Carolina. I thought about what would have been a really bad crash landing could have been a hop'n'pop if I had a parachute with me and knew how to use it. So when I got the position here, I figured there would be no better time to learn how to skydive than the present. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Wow. That is a long time from now. Hopefully I will still be skydiving. I would also like to learn how to fly para gliders and speed wings. As far as work goes, I would like to fly a corporate jet. Be a limousine pilot for some rich CEO flying a private G6. 

Pilot posing with Stearman Bi-Plane

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