Featured Friday - Frank Frassetto

May 24, 2019

Today we are highlighting our chief pilot, Frank Frassetto. 
Pilot in a Skyvan

What made you want to be a pilot? Are there other pilots in your family?

My grandfather flew in the airforce way back in the day but to be honest, aviation isn't huge in my family. I grew up in Oshkosh, WI which has the largest air show in the world. I guess growing up around all those planes got me interested. 

When and where did you get your pilot's license?

I started learning how to fly during high school in Wisconsin. I had my private license by age 18. When I went off to college at The University of Dubuque in Iowa I got my 4 year degree and the rest of my ratings. 

What brought you to Arizona?

I got a job flying for Skydive Arizona! I had worked for Kirby Chambliss in Oshkosh for a couple of years so he gave me a good professional reference and the idea to fly for a dropzone. 

You are also a skydiver right?

Yup that's right. I had always wanted to skydive but I hadn't had the opportunity yet. When I came out here for my interview, I did two tandems in one day. After that I was hooked. I couldn't wait to start learning and get my A-license. Now I have over 70 jumps. 

What is something that skydivers should or shouldn't do that is hard for the pilot to communicate?

(laughs) Well tapping me on the shoulder and trying to talk to me during take-off is a don't. I can talk pretty much any other time during flight. Take off is a critical time when I need to be focused on flying and not talking to the skydivers. Other than that, I am open to the jumpers communicating with me. 

What is your favorite food?

My mom's homemade Chicken Parmesan. 

Words of wisdom?
Operate with excellence

Chief Pilot of Skydive Arizona

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