Featured Friday - David Cherry

March 17, 2016

Skydive Arizona is a big drop zone. No - a GINORMOUS drop zone with a lot of people from visiting to local jumpers, to staff, pilots, instructors, ground crew, maintenance, manifest to teams, event organizers and load organizers!!! The Featured Friday series is aimed at getting to know the people that make Skydive Arizona work and rock

In this week's series, Skydive Arizona is featuring a graphic designer and 2nd generation skydiver, David Cherry!!


What inspired you to make your first jump?
My parents were skydivers, but I sort of found the sport on my own by working at USPA headquarters. I started there early 2011 and knew it was something I had to try for myself, I was immediately hooked.

Where & when did you learn and what kind of student were you?
I made my first jump in 2011 at Skydive Orange in Virginia, a very special place full of awesome people. While I was a bit intimidated at first, it came pretty naturally.

Most people don’t know that you’re a 2-generation skydiver! What was it like growing up around skydiving?
I have some fond memories of running around dropzones as a kid, but my Mom and step-dad stopped jumping in the early 90’s so it became mostly just that and pictures on the wall. My biological father, George Jicha, continued and thrived in the sport here at SDAZ through the early 2000’s. He would tell me stories and show me pictures of his time on Airspeed and organizing big-ways and boogies. It wasn’t until I started jumping myself that I realized how much all this meant and how it really is a part of who I am.

What’s your favorite discipline of skydiving and why?

Freefly! I love the freedom and progression of free flying, there’s always something to learn and fun to be had.


You’re a designer extraordinaire! What inspired you to become a graphic designer and how have you been able to incorporate that into skydiving?
Thanks! I’ve always been the creative type and had the opportunity to attend a brand new information technology high school where I started on my path towards becoming a professional designer. It was only type of work that made sense to me, so I kept going with it into college. After some traveling and a few “real-world” jobs I came across a graphic design position at USPA. The job changed my life and gave me a huge step up in the world of skydiving. I was responsible for the layout of Parachutist for four and half years as well as graphic support for the organization. I’ve been able to use and build upon my skills in ways I never thought possible. The sport has given me a wide range of experience from editorial design, tandem photos/videos, boogie photos/video/promotion to advertising design and more.

What are your future skydiving goals?
I’d like to continue organizing as well as shooting photos/video for events as much as possible and see where that takes me. It has been an incredible journey so far and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

What’s the best advice you can give for newbies?
Be a sponge, ask questions, take responsibility for yourself and others and enjoy the journey.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I’m stoked to call Skydive Arizona my new home, there’s a lot of great people and amazing opportunity here. Come jump with me and let’s have all the fun!



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