Congrats to the AZ teams @ the US Nationals!

November 07, 2015

From October 22nd through October 31st, Skydive Arizona hosted the USPA National Skydiving Championships which is the largest skydiving event in the nation! The USPA Nationals includes events and number number of teams registered this year:

4-Way FS (Open/Advanced/Intermediate)          60 teams

8-Way FS (Open/Advanced/Intermediate)          23 teams

10-Way FS                                                            6 teams

16-Way FS                                                            4 teams

Freefly (Open/Intermediate)                                  7 teams                               

Freestyle                                                              10 teams

2-Way MFS (Open/Intermediate)                         15 teams

4-Way VFS (Open/Intermediate)                          10 teams 

Skydive Arizona would like to congratulate and thank the local Arizona teams spread over the various events on a job well done. It takes a lot of time, money and training, and Skydive Arizona congratulates you on your dedication!

 Another BIG congratulations for Arizona Airspeed for the overall FS Champions!

Airspeed 2015 Nationals

 Here are the teams and their events:
(Photo Courtesy of OmniSkore, USPA, & David Cherry)

Arizona Airspeed                           4, 8, 10 & 16-Way FS
16-Way Airspeed Nationals

Arizona Arsenal                              4-Way VFS
AZ Arsenal 2015 Nationals

Arizona X-Force                             4-Way VFS
X-Force AZ Nationals

Arizona Dream           Freestyle 
AZ Dream Nationals

Shibui           Freestyle
Shibui Nationals


Italian Dinger Glitter Pants              Freefly
Italian Dinger Glitter Pants Nationals

Arizona Blast                                   2-Way MFS
AZ Blast Nationals

Arizona Reliance                              4-Way FS
AZ Reliance

Arizona Defiance                              4-Way FS
AZ Defiance

Limited Finances                              8-Way FS
Limited Finances

Bohica                                              8-Way FS

Limited 4Sight                4-Way FS
Limited 4sight nationals

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