Hill's Run for USPA National & Regional Directors

September 02, 2015


Skydive Arizona

Hill's Run for USPA National & Regional Director

Only earlier this year Larry Hill, founder of Skydive Arizona, was unsure of his future as he was awaiting a major, life changing experience - needing a new heart. After months of doctors visits, tests and waiting, Larry received a new heart! He recently visited the drop zone doing really well, looking good and in great spirits! 

Larry Hill proudly announced that he will be once again, running for USPA's National Director position and his son, Shawn will be running for Regional Director. Larry is also honored to be running alongside the world renowned skydiving photographer and local jumper, Mike McGowan, and supports his campaign as well. Larry is looking to fill 1 of the 8 available positions. 

Larry and Shawn both bring a wealth of knowledge of the skydiving world, aviation, and general business to the table. They would appreciate your consideration and vote this coming election beginning October 1st. 

If you have any questions or comments you'd like to direct to them, please email Events@SkydiveAZ.com

USPA's Candidates Announcement: 

Thanks & Blue Skies!
Skydive Arizona

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