Congratulations to SDAZ Local Jumpers!

August 14, 2015

World Record

On July 31st, 2015, 164 freefly jumpers from around the world partook in the historic Vertical Formation Skydive. (Meaning - flying head to earth!) Skydive Arizona is proud to have had several local jumpers participate in the feat. 

The plan was to build 170 people in formation, but the organizers saw it best to shrink it down to 164 for success. The decision worked as the group shattered the previous Vertical World Record of 138 set in 2012. 

164-Way Diagram

It took 13 attempts from from 18-19,000' using 7 different aircraft at Skydive Chicago. 18% of the formation was made up of women. 

Some of the Nations that were represented include:


Congratulations to local jumpers:
Waide Baird
Johnny Gunn
Steve Curtis
Sara Curtis
Ty Losey
Chazi Blacksher
Amy Chmelecki
Melissa Nelson Lowe
Friday Freidman
James "Punisher" Flahrety
John Blackburn
Andy Locke
Travis Mills
Karlee Ayers
Jason Peters - Video/Photographer

SDAZ Local WR Holders

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