Easter Boogie 2015

April 27, 2015

This year's Easter Boogie, Mardi Gras style was full of fun and challenging skydiving as well as awesome nightly parties! Nearly 300 people registered for the 3-day event over April 3rd-5th. 

To start, Arizona Airspeed ran a 2-day 4-way intro skills camp along side Arizona X-Force's beginner freefly camp which was a huge success. Terry Gardner's group completed a successful 21-way POPS record on April 4th. 

Friday night was the first ever Swoop-n-ObstacleCourse-n-Chug! Congrats to Thug Mansion who won a Rig Sleeve each and 15-minute of tunnel time! A free BBQ followed with a magician, caricaturist and fire dancer. 

Saturday night was a masquerade ball. Erin Orwig won the costume contest and 30-minutes of tunnel time!


Alongside the event, Sara Curtis and Amy Chmelecki ran their last Freefly World Record tryouts building 60-ways all weekend. 

Sunday morning was an Easter Egg hunt with prizes from Ouragan Suits, Innovative Parachute Technologies, Skydive Arizona and Cypres. 

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