Valentine's Money Meets

February 27, 2014

February was a competitive month at Skydive Arizona with the annual Valentine's Day Money Meet and the Free Fly Money Meet both taking place. Turnout was great for both events this year making for some spirited competition.

The 30th annual Valentine's Day Money Meet was held on February 15th. The event uses the 4-Way FS IPC rules, and the meet standings and awards are based on six rounds of competition. This year Arizona Airspeed decided to split up and captain AA pick-up teams to foster interest in 4-Way at Skydive Arizona. In total ten teams participated, two AAA and eight AA. Evolution, visiting Arizona for training, placed first in AAA, followed by a newly formed team Arizona Relentless. The top three teams in the AA class received prizes from Skydive Arizona, SkyVenture Arizona, and the Bent Prop as well as cash from the prize pool (generated by registration fees). AA standings were as follows: 1st "Thiago's Tigers" Thiago Gomes (Arizona Airspeed), Dave Linkiewicz, Lisa Shinnick, John Shinnick, John Lyman (camera); 2nd "Dock Dynasty" Remi Aguila, Celso de Mello, Bekie Thompson, Jose Aquilera, Rick Evans (camera); and 3rd "Ian Report to Manifest" Thomas Hughes (Arizona Airspeed), Chris Anderson, Jason Jones, Mike Shingle, Matt Booth (camera).


AA Class Winners 

Team Dock Dynasty Skydive Arizona 

Dock Dynasty, photo by Jimmy Hatch


The 12th annual Free Fly Money Meet was held on February 22nd. In this five round meet competitors are randomly matched with a different partner of similar flying ability for each round. A sequence of compulsory moves are drawn from a set dive pool for each round. Competitors gain one point each time they correctly perform a move in the order of the draw. A video pool camera flyer records the dives, and individuals scores from each round are carried into the next round. The person with the highest total score for all five rounds wins. Twenty-eight competitors took part in the competition in three skill classes. Standings were as follows: Open: 1st Steve Curtis, 2nd Darrell Walton, 3rd (tie) Travis Mills and Mike "Friday" Friedman; Intermediate: 1st Seth Studer, 2nd Rory Corrigan, 3rd Greg Andrews; and Beginner: 1st Tom Feng, 2nd Mace Weaver, 3rd Bartley Carlson. Winners were awarded cash prizes in addition to prizes from Skydive Arizona, SkyVenture Arizona, the Bent Prop, Larsen & Brusgaard, Ouragan Suits, and Alice Hicks.

 Freefly Money Meet Skydive Arizona 

Open Class winners, photo by Jimmy Hatch

Free Fly Money Meet competitors Skydive Arizona 

Intermediate Class competitors, photo by Niklas Daniel

Thanks to all the competitors and sponsors for taking part and supporting the event and as always thanks to the great staff at Skydive Arizona for making both events a success!

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