Halloween Carnivale 2013

October 29, 2013

Costumed skydivers Skydive Arizona

Boogie goers test out their Halloween costumes


Another amazing Halloween Carnivale took place at Skydive Arizona from October 25th to 27th. This boogie had it all, complete with great jumps from Otters, Skyvans, and the Skydive Arizona DC3 plus a fantastic party and flying pumpkins! The event started on Friday with no registration fee, $21 jump tickets, and load organizers from Arizona Airspeed and Arizona Arsenal. Jumping went until sunset and was followed up with free boogie beer and a Surf n' Turf dinner outside the Bent Prop. Later that night, the bar hosted a Cornhole Tournament. Fourteen teams participated, and Steel Panther (Jared Miller and Price Riggins) emerged victorious.

corn hole winners Skydive Arizona

Steel Panther


Jumping went from sunrise to sunset on Saturday with some skydivers testing out their Halloween costumes in freefall. Later that night, the Mirage Systems Halloween Party got started at the Bent Prop. As usual this year's boogie goers pulled out all the stops to compete for a free Mirage container. The coveted prize went to Sasha Isaenko as a Porta Potty! Best Couple, Melissa Payne and Konstantine Petrijcuks, won an hour of SkyVenture tunnel time dressed as an impressively large set of knockers. The Best Group prize of 15 Skydive Arizona jump tickets went to "Orange is the New Black" (Chazi and Nick Blackshur, Wade and Becky Baird, John Blackburn and Jen Butera) after an extremely entertaining live skit during the costume judging. Other prizes included a 20% coupon from Icarus Canopies awarded to Nathaniel Isaacson as Kevin Bacon (from Footloose, complete with dance moves and theme song), a Phantom X helmet from Square 2 awarded to Alyssa Manny for her convincing costume and impression of Amy Chmelecki, and free massages from Toltec Wellness Center awarded to Lori Zito (classic ghost), Artemis Monteiro (Avatar), Clayton Chance (Gollum), and Ryan Seelye (crash test dummy). Thanks to all our sponsors for the great prizes!

costume contest winner Skydive Arizona 

best couple costume Skydive Arizona 

best group costume Skydive Arizona

Costume Contest Winners, Photos by Craig Amrine Photography


Jumping continued throughout the day on Sunday (despite the hangovers).Thanks to everyone for coming out and thanks to all our staff for working hard to have the event run smoothly. 




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