8-Way Speed Star Competition

August 19, 2013

skydiving 8 way star

Photo by Terry Schumacher


On August 17th, Skydive Arizona held an 8-Way Speed Star competition. This annual summer event is designed to pit the belly flyers against the free flyers. The competition includes two draws with similar formations, one for head down teams and one for belly teams. The team with the quickest total time for all the formations wins the competition. Once the teams complete each formation, they are encouraged to use the rest of their freefall time to entertain the competition judge, Anouschka Gasson.

Photo by Ian Mackenzie

 A total of seven teams participated, five flying in the belly position and two flying headdown. Despite a helmet malfunction that resulted in a five second penalty being added to their score, belly team "Master Eight" was declared the winner! The competition judge also announced "Master Eight" as the winners of her "most entertaining" side competition. New camera flyer Paige Milligan received the judge's "best videographer" award. Despite only recently taking up camera flying, Paige turned in videos on par with the professionals.

Team Master Eight Skydive Arizona


Photo by Ian Mackenzie

Despite the 114 degree heat that day, everyone had a great time and especially enjoyed laughing at all the teams' videos at the Bent Prop's bar after the event. Thanks to everyone who came out to compete and to all the Skydive Arizona staff members that made the event run smoothly.

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