Beer and Bragging Rights Scrambles

June 24, 2013



The Beer and Bragging Rights Scrambles competition was held at Skydive Arizona on Saturday June 22nd. The event consisted of four rounds of 4-way FS using the NSL Rookie, all random dive pool. This enabled skydivers of all skill levels (and all disciplines) to participate. To keep things interesting, we scrambled the team lineups for each round. The individual skydivers with the most cumulative points won. This kept the playing field level so anyone could win. 



Dave Linkiewicz took third place and Chazi Blacksher took second. The gold medal went to Kim Barden, who recently returned to skydiving after taking about 25 years off. Welcome back Kim! The meet included Skydive Arizona locals and visitors from Skydive New Mexico and Lincoln Sport Parachute Club in Nebraska. When jumping was finished everyone headed to the Bent Prop to enjoy the air conditioning, cold beer, and amusing videos of the day's jumps. Thanks to everyone for participating!


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