Turbine Madness 2013

May 28, 2013


The 2013 Turbine Madness Boogie took place at Skydive Arizona from May 24th to 27th. The boogie featured $21 jump tickets, free boogie beer, the Arizona Challenge, the Arizona Vertical Challenge, a beginner belly skills camp, and load organizing by the Arizona Training Center. This year's event had something for everyone, and the days were packed with jumps from Skydive Arizona's turbine fleet.


Friday evening included a BBQ in honor of 4-way FS World Champions, Arizona Airspeed. During the BBQ, former Airspeed camera flyer Bill Schmitz debuted his stunning documentary of Airspeed's 2012 World Meet experience in Dubai. Larry Hill also took a few moments to reflect on the growth of Arizona Airspeed and the Arizona Challenge and formally recognized Mark Kirkby for taking 4-way gold with Airspeed at five World Meets (1995, 1997, 2001, 2008, and 2012).



Photos by Ian Mackenzie


The Arizona Challenge, an annual invitational event, brought together 88 of the world's best big way FS skydivers. The event was organized by current and former Arizona Airspeed members Mark Kirkby, Thomas Hughes, Josh Hall, and Chris Farina. The video team included George Katsoulis, Willy Boeykens, Justin Price, and Gordon Lindsay (check out http://www.skydivingphotography.com for event photos and video). For Friday and Saturday's jumps, the Challenge particpants were broken into four groups to make smaller sequential jumps. On Sunday the groups got larger, and early Monday morning a four plane formation took off for the first 88-way Wheel of Dharma attempt. On the fourth jump of the day, the formation completed and the event wrapped up for another year.


Arizona Challenge 2013

Photo by Mike Mcgowan


The Arizona Vertical Challenge, an invitational sequential head down event organized by Arizona Arsenal, drew skydivers from all over the U.S. and Europe. The event featured 26- to 30-ways exiting from a two plane (Skyvan and Twin Otter) formation at 16,500 feet. Each jump had two or three points, and favorites included "the pretzel', "the fountain", and "the three eyed monkey." A second group of skydivers worked on their vertical relative work skills while making 4- to 8-way jumps from the formation planes.


Photo by Niklas Daniel


Nick Grillet and Melanie Curtis also organized a beginner belly skills camp during the Turbine Madness Boogie. The event focused on body position and basic skills for exits and formation flying. Thirteen skydivers took place in the camp on Saturday and Sunday.


Thanks to everyone who came out to jump, and a special thank you to all the event organizers, pilots, manifest staff, and other staff members for making the long weekend a success.

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