Experienced Skydivers FAQ

  • What are your hours of operation?

    Visit our Hours of Operations Page for more details

  • What kinds of payment do you accept?

    Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Arizona checks, and Traveler's checks
  • What are the jumping requirements?

    Jumpers must be at least 18 years of age, hold at least a current "A" License, and have a current reserve re-pack.

    Jumpers must be current on their jumps:

    • "A" License: Must have made a jump within 60 days
    • "B" License: Must have made a jump within 90 days
    • "C and D" Licenses: Must have made a jump within 6 months

    Anyone who is not current must contact our skydiving school (Adventures in Skydiving) and schedule a refresher course and check dive.

  • What kind of planes do you run for daily operations?

    We typically fly Twin Otters and sometimes Skyvans. We also have a DC3, a Porter, and a Beech 18 which we fly on special occasions. Check out our Aircraft Page for more information.
  • How does Manifest work?

    When you arrive at the DZ, you must come in to the office to fill out a waiver and get a gear check and safety briefing. Once you have been checked in, you may purchase tickets and walk them over to the Manifest window. Once you are manifested on a load, you will get a 15, 10, and a 5 minute call. At your 5 minute call you must be geared up and ready to board the tram. The tram will take you to the plane.
  • What are the requirements for takeoff?

    Seatbelts must be fastened, helmets must be secured, and the door must be closed until 1500 ft.
  • What are the exit orders?

    Belly flyers first (largest to smallest groups), then free flyers (largest to smallest groups), then students, tandems, and wingsuits.
    *If there are tracking jumpers and wingsuits on the same load, the trackers will exit the aircraft first before any groups and the wingsuits will exit last.
  • How do I get there from the airport?

    You can drive or take a shuttle from the airport. Please see the Shuttle Services Page of our website or the Directions Page for more information.
  • What are my accommodation options when I am there?

    Tent camping is available for free.

    RV hook ups are also available:

    • Full Hookup: $17 per night or $112 per week
    • Electric only: $8 per night or $50 per week

    We have Team Rooms and a Bunkhouse available. The Bunkhouse is $8.00 a night ($7.00 for more than 7 nights) per person. Team Rooms rates are:

    • 4 person room:$40.00 a night ($32.00 for more than 7 nights)
    • 6 person room: $60.00 a night ($48.00 for more than 7 nights)
    • 10 person room: $100.00 a night ($80.00 for more than 7 nights)

    There is a hotel on the DZ and many in the surrounding area. Check out the Lodging Page of our website for more info.

  • Do I need to join USPA?

    There are a few countries that do not need a USPA membership as long as the jumper is a current license holder in their country. Those countries are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland/Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, and Finland. All other countries must join the USPA.
  • How much does USPA cost?

    The temporary USPA membership is $20.00 and is valid for 90 days.

    1 year Domestic Membership:

    • $65.00 New Membership
    • $55.00 Renewal

    1 year Foreign Membership:

    • $74.00 New Membership
    • $64.00 Renewal
  • What are your repack cycle requirements?

    The Repack Cycle requirement in the US is 180 days. 
    As of October 2015: 

    Due to some technical changes in the rules about how containers and reserves are packed and maintained, we want our customers visiting from outside the USA to be aware of a potential problem.

    If your gear is not approved with a US Certification (also known as TSO or Technical Standard Order) then to be acceptable in the USA it only needs to be maintained to the standards in use by your National Aero Club.

    If your gear is approved with a US Certification (all American made gear and any European gear with a TSO) it has to meet US standards for maintenance and packing cycles. This means it must have a seal on the reserve, be packed within 180 days of use, and be packed by an FAA approved rigger.

    While we do not have any way to check the status of your rigger, in practice your TSO’d gear will need to be packed 180 days and the reserve will need to be sealed with the rigger’s number or symbol on it.

    We will be working with our Federal Aviation Administration to resolve this as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    Visit Desert Skies Rigging Page for all your repacking needs.

  • What facilities do you have available at the DZ?

    We have a Restaurant and bar "The Bent Prop", a skydiving school "Adventures in Skydiving", a Wind Tunnel "Skyventure Arizona", Gear Store "Square 2", Desert Skies Rigging, Massage Therapy, Swimming pool, Bunkhouse, Teamrooms, Videorooms, Gym and much more.
  • Are Pets Allowed?

    Skydive Arizona appreciates your understanding that there is a NO PET POLICY here or the affiliated businesses grounds unless it is a licensed service animal. Otherwise, we highly encourage you to leave your furry loved ones at home.