Arizona Skydiving League

December 11, 2021 - December 11, 2021
Bring your 4-way team to the Arizona Skydiving League! Hosted by Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon, there is a category for all skill levels (Rookie to AAA). Join the fun and compete against other teams around the country through the National Skydiving League!

WHAT: 4-way Formation Skydiving Competitions for all different skill levels.

• 6 Rounds for AAA, AA, and A. 5 rounds for Rookie.
• We will be using the National Skydiving League’s (“NSL”) Competition Categories, so no matter your skill level there is a category created for your team.
• The NSL will post the results of each competition on its website (, so you can see how you stack up against other teams around the country!
• FREE WORLD CLASS COACHING: Eliana Rodriguez & Michelle Karamon, 4-way & 8-way world & national champions, will be available to coach and guide each team throughout the competition.

WHO: From beginners to 4-way formation skydiving champions welcomed!

• Bring your 4-way team or get your jumping friends together for a fun day of 4-way.
• Minimum of B License
• Must be able to safely build a star in the sky with 3 other people.
• Skydivers from all disciplines are welcome to come play on your belly for a day!!

This is competition is right for you if:

• You are ready to be challenged beyond the usual weekend jumps that you’ve been doing.
• You want to take your skills to another level while having fun with friends.
• You want to connect with other like-minded skydivers and develop lasting friendships.
• For 4-way teams wanting to get more competition experience under their belt and get better with Round 1’s jitters.
• Cross training for 8-way and 16-way jumpers or anyone who want to be exposed to more competition experience before the Nationals.
• If you just want to have fun & get free coaching!

HOW: Register by emailing us at

No previous 4-way competition experience necessary! Come with a beginner’s mind and positive fun attitude!!

COST: Registration Fee-$140 per team ($35 per person x 4 people) and jump tickets. VIDEO: Teams are required to arrange their own videographer
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