Social Angles UPT Flight Camp

December 03, 2020 - December 06, 2020

Advertisement for a skydiving training camp.

UPT Flight Camp at Skydive Arizona is back hosted by Lisa Mazzetta & Carlos Pedro for our “Social Angles” edition. Thursday December 3rd to Sunday December 6th 2020. #UPTSocialAngles

We’re bringing you a stacked lineup again of world class coaches to fly with:
Claudio Cagnasso
Inka Titto
Jesse ‘Tex’ Leos
Tom Baker
Kai Kai Buchholz
Paul Ferriman
Carlos Pedro
Photos & Video: D Squared

Camp Format:
-Goal is 6 jumps per day in groups of 6 plus coach.
-Participants will be grouped as best as possible by skill level.
-Coaches will change groups each day.
-Videographer/photographer will rotate through groups.
-Camp is primarily angle jumps but each coach can use their own style to design jumps that include vertical, movement and even flat flying.


Registration & Cost
-Total cost of camp is $1111 which includes all registration and 24 jumps.
-Once you are cleared to participate in camp you will be requested to pay the $400 non-refundable deposit.
-On Sunday November 22nd you will receive a request to pay the balance of $711.
-The only jumps that will be refunded are those not completed due to weather/your whole group does not jump & jumps will be refunded at the regular slot price of $28/jump.
-While your slot is not refundable it is transferable to someone acceptable to the event organizers.
- Must have angle experience and be able to safely approach, fly and breakoff in groups of 7 or more.
- (Angles) flyers must be able to fly their slot at different speeds/pitch on their stronger side either back or belly.
- (Angles) flyers must be able to fly in their quadrant safely at different speeds/pitch on their weaker side either back or belly.
- Vertical flying skills are recommended
- 400 jumps minimum. 200+ angles or a recommendation from a known movement coach.
- AADs are mandatory
* Overestimating your abilities in the questionnaire and/or flying unsafe during the camp is grounds for being red carded and removed without refund. Safety is the priority.
How to Register:
-Complete the registration questionnaire.
-Please standby and give us time to review applications in the order received.
-Once reviewed we will contact you regarding your slot and how to pay the deposit.
-You have 5 days to pay the deposit, or the slot will be opened up to the next waiting in line.
-We will confirm when we received your payment and your slot is secured.
We love you!
email me with questions
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