Halloween Boogie

October 30, 2020 - November 01, 2020
Our annual Halloween Boogie for licensed skydivers!
Organizing by Arizona Airspeed and Arizona Anthem
Night Events Include:
"Edward Scissor Hands" Pumpkin Carving Contest
"Headless Horesman" Relay Race
"Shake Senora" - Beetlejuice Dance-off

Deadly NightShade drink special
and Tim Burton Movies Trivia game!


Organizing by Arizona Airspeed and Arizona Anthem
Skyvan jumps and DC-3 jumps

Costume contest with epic prizes! **Make sure your costume is with a nose/mouth mask to protect against COVID. If your nose/mough are not appropriately covered, you will not be part of the competition ***
-Best Couple
-Best Group
-Best Female
-Best Male
-Best Overall: Wins a Custom Curv Container from RI!

$24 lift tickets, speciality aircraft and hot-air balloon jumps! 

Drawings of Tim Burton Characters

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