Bangarang! Easter Boogie

April 10, 2020 - April 12, 2020

Lost Boys (and girls) unite!
Think of happy thoughts and fly out of our Twin Otters, Skyvans and DC-3!
$22 jump tickets and organizing by Airspeed
FREE landing de-briefs by PD athlete Justin Price
Hot-Air Balloon jumps with Droplyne

Lost Boys VS. Pirates food fight, paintball, pool party and more!

Participate in the FAST 50 Challenge this Easter!
Here at Skydive Arizona, we are going for a FAST50 Sequential Record with the new FAI rules. Complete break and 3 formations without repeating a grip for 3 formations consecutively! We will be doing a 22 way.
Eloy challenges other DZs to participate in this Charity Event.
Remember, your DZ can do smaller formations but must be a 10-way or more. So that means there are separate categories for number of jumpers. This is the same as the FAI categories will be. As an example, the Danes completed a 2 point 17-way Night World Record. This is a WR for a 17-way.
Here at Eloy, we completed a 4 point 22-way at Night. That is also a World Record for a 22 way Category. Sounds complicated, but in reality, it opens up opportunities for DZs that have limited aircraft capacity. For instance only a Caravan or KingAir....
During boogies here at Skydive Arizona, jumps are only $22 to 13,500ft. But in the FAST50 Challenge, participants pay the regular jump price of $26. The extra $4 is donated by the DZ to the Testicular Cancer Society.
So far, we have raised over $10,000!
So if you would like to organize a FAST50 Record Sequential jump at your DZ, you would be helping the Cause of Men's Cancer.
To become a Member of FAST50, go to this link...

If interested, please email me for more information.

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