DC3 Speed Star Money Meet

December 28, 2019 - December 29, 2019


There are two Categories: OPEN and ADVANCED.

6 Rounds. 3 different aircraft. Round 1 and 3- Twin Otter. Round 2 and 4-Skyvan. Round 5 and 6- DC-3.

First point on all rounds is a 10-way Star.

Subsequent points drawn from the dive pool.

40 seconds of working time with exit from 11,000ft.

One second will be deducted from time of 1st point completion for every following point done in working time.

Example: 15 seconds for first point completion time and 3 extra points in 40 seconds = total 12 seconds scored for that round.


Team captains will assist the Chief judge on video. At least one opposing team member to be present with stop watch. The more the merrier. Average time after 2 viewings judged.

Cameramen to immediately download video for viewing by Captains after landing.

Rules for Exit:

Twin Otter: 5 Floaters, no link exits.

Skyvan:  No rules, except ALL jumpers diving on exit.

DC-3: No Show/No link exits from behind the line. Time starts when first body part crosses the line. Cameramen must have line in view for exit.

Sequential: OPEN Category:

No rules for sequential. This means grip switches and keeping some grips is allowed.

ADVANCED  Catogory:

Complete breaks on all sequential!


Prizes: OPEN:

1st Place: $300

2nd Place: $200


1st Place- JACKETS!

All prizes sponsored by Mirage Systems!

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