Flight-1 (201-202)

December 17, 2019 - December 18, 2019

Tuesday Dec 17th:  (201)"Developing Speed" Introduces the fundamental principles of high performance landings and speed-building approaches using pitch. The course also includes essential slow approach skills, and rear riser emergency landings.

REQUIREMENTS: Attended Flight 101 & 102 OR Minimum of 200 jumps.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Attended and completed Flight-1 101 and 102

Wednesday Dec 18th: (202) "High Performance Turns"  will offer you a structured framework to building your high performance approach. It provides deeper information on building airspeed on approaches using rotation, and offers the chance to learn rules and altitudes associated with more challenging approaches. It also offers flight planning and future training considerations.

REQUIREMENTS: Minimum of 200 jumps
RECOMMENDATIONS: Completed Flight 201 and 500 jumps


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