Night Jumps

December 07, 2019 - December 07, 2019

To be eligible to participate in night jumps at Skydive Arizona you must meet the following requirements:

Current on the canopy you are jumping and comfortable landing it straight in (no big turns) in dead calm conditions.

50 jumps minimum.

Make at least one jump here during the day to familiarize yourself with the area and give thought to your options in the event of landing out.

Lights: we can provide lights, but if you have your own lights please bring them. We require a white, blue, or green on the front and a red on the back. Ideally the red will have a flashing setting. Chemical lights are not bright enough.

Attend the mandatory briefing about thirty minutes prior to sunset. The load will take off about :45 minutes after sunset.

Carry a headlamp or flashlight in case you land out. A whistle is highly recommended.

Don’t forget to bring clear goggles or visor, not tinted! The only jumpsuit colors visible at night are white or yellow. Everything else looks black at night.


The briefing will be in the in the Main Hangar, opposite the manifest along the hallway in the conference room. After the briefing you will have plenty of time to prepare your equipment. If you have extra tape or zip-ties, please bring them along. 


During the day, manifest will collect tickets plus $8 for each night jumper. The $8 is used to buy lights and reward the crew for the extra hours they put in. Please do not manifest unless you are committed. You can talk the S&TA if you are unsure. We require a minimum of 15 paid slots manifested by 3 PM to fly.

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