Upright World Record Tryouts

January 19, 2019 - January 21, 2019
Upright Skydive Sunset

Email sara@azarsenal.com to grab that slot!

Event Organizers:
Amy Chmelecki
Sara Curtis
Steve Curtis
Mikey Carpenter

Dates: January 19-20, 2019

Our goal is to select participants for the Upright World Record Attempts taking place at Skydive Chicago July 2019. 

If you receive a slot you will be part of the initial record attempts.

This tryout is also a training opportunity to continue to hone your skills. You may not receive a slot at this tryout, but the training you do will help you prepare for future big ways. There will be thorough debriefs and pre-briefs of the jumps.

Who can participate:
-Must be able to fly head down as well as head up.
-Must be able to safely control your level and proximity to a large formation in an upright orientation.
-Ability to safely do Head down approaches and break off required.
-Experience in head down big way formations preferred.
- If you are flying in an unsafe manner in any way you can be cut from the event and will not receive a refund. This includes on approach, in vertical freefall, on breakoff, or under canopy.  

Event Details:
We will do about 5 jumps per day, 10 jumps total over the event.
Saturday: single plane shot to 13,000 feet AGL
Sunday: formation loads to 16,000 feet AGL
The exact details of this schedule and event are subject to change based on logistics and/or weather.

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