USPA National Collegiate Championships

December 28, 2018 - January 03, 2019
Registration: $150 per person (includes medals, banquet, T-shirt and meet expenses).
Opens 7:30am December 27
Closes at 5pm on December 27. 
Registration will be on-location. Price TBD.

Friday December 28 – Wednesday, January 2nd 2019

You’ll want to read the Collegiate Rules in SCM Chapter 7 and General Rules in Chapter 1. You can download both for free

General requirements: you must be 18 years old, a regular USPA member, a full-time (12 hour) student (or full-time graduate student) at an accredited university, and have at least an A-license, with a unique license number issued before the competition (the stamped A-license progression card is no longer valid). At registration you must present your USPA member card with valid A- or greater license. You also need to provide evidence of your collegiate attendance and credits. For complete details on collegiate eligibility and possible disqualifying criteria, please read SCM Chapter 7, Paragraph 2.2 – 2.3.

Schedule of Events:
Meet Director will announce the event schedule at the competitor’s briefing on December 28th; weather can play a major role in which events occur at certain times. 

Competition Event Prices (Includes cost of Jumps).
Classic Accuracy (4 rounds) $100
Sport Accuracy: (4 rounds) $85
4-way Formation Skydiving (6 rounds) includes air-to-air video. $720 per team.($180 per person).
2-way Formation Skydiving: (3 rounds) includes air-to-air video. $240 per team.($120 per person).
2-way VFS: (4 rounds) includes air-to-air video.
$320 Per team ($160 per person).
6-way Speed Formation: (3 rounds) includes air-to-air video. 
$540 per team ($90 per person).

Cash/Card during registration on-site.

Tunnel On site (book time at
Large creeping area
Video debriefing rooms
Numerous packers

There are several options for staying at the dropzone. There are also a few hotels located nearby. Please visit our website to read more:

We have a restaurant on the dropzone. Follow the link to see menu and hours of operation.

A banquet Ceremony will be held on the last day January 2nd. Food will be provided to competitors and judges.
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