9th Annual Halloween Carnivale

October 27, 2017 - October 29, 2017


9th Annual Halloween Carnivale
Free Registration
$21 Jumps
World Class Organizers
Defiance Days - 4-Way FS Coaching
Mark Kirkby's 16 Ways
Night Jump on Saturday at sunset
Free Boogie Beer
Boogie T-shirts for Purchase

Part of the NZ  Aerosports Icabus US World Tour!
Evening Activities at Bent Prop's Circus Tent
Friday the 27th
Face painting and carnivale games
Saturday the 28th
Costume Contest begins at 9:30pm
Costume Contest Categories
Best Couple
Best Group
Best Male
Best Female
Grand Prize: FREE Curv Container!
(ALL activities, give aways and prizes open to Registered and Licensed Skydivers ONLY!)


Part of the NZ Aerosports Icabus US World Tour!
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