USPA Skydiving Championships 2016

October 19, 2016 - October 30, 2016

October 19th - 29th, 2016

2016 US National Skydiving Championships Information
The schedule is designed to maximize the chances of completing all rounds in all events. With a good weather forecast, we will run the events as we always have. For example, 4-way FS would run through all rounds before 8-way FS begins. However, the Meet Management reserves the right to run events at any time during the scheduled days if weather issues make that the best way to complete the most rounds in every event. Therefore, competitors should plan to be on site every day their event is listed on the schedule.



Tips to Register Online 

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Registration closes at 11am on October 20th, briefing & draw at 12p and competition begins at 1p

4-Way VFS

Registration closes at 5pm on October 20th, briefing & draw at 6p, competition will begin at completion of MFS

4-Way FS

Registration closes on October 23rd at 4pm, briefing & draw at 6pm

8-Way FS

(floating dates) Plan between Oct 23 and Oct 24

16-Way FS

Registration closes at 5pm on October 26th, briefing & draw at 6pm. Competition will begin 1 hour after 8-way completes

10-Way FS

Registration closes at 5p on October 27th, brief & draw MAY BE same time as 16-way and competition will begin 1 hr after 16-way completes


Registration closes at 11am on October 27th, brief & draw at 12p, competition will begin at 1pm

Saturday, 29 October: Big Party. Several social events will be scheduled throughout the competition. Medals will be awarded after completion of:

  • VFS
  • MFS
  • 4 & 8-way
  • 10 & 16-way
  • AE

Every competitor (including videographers and alternates) pays a general registration fee of $50 for facilities, social events, shirt, etc. All further references to teams include the videographer but not alternates. Alternates do not pay for entry or jump fees since, if an alternate is used, the team has already paid for those. After the general registration fee, cost is entry fee per event, plus jumps and sanction fees. Entry fees are based on the estimated number of participants sharing costs for their event.
All jumps are at $25, based on a fuel cost of less than $4.00 per gallon for jet fuel. In the event that fuel rises above that, we reserve the right to raise jump prices in proportion. Each one dollar in extra fuel cost adds about $1.50 to the jump price.
Sanction fees: $25 for the first event, $10 each event thereafter.
2-way MFS and VFS: $130 plus jumps per competitor for the first event, plus sanction fee and jumps. Jumps plus sanction fee for a second event. In other words, entering only VFS or MFS would cost $130 + $25 plus jumps.

Entering a second event would add $10 plus jumps
4-way FS: $40 plus sanction fee plus jumps
8-way FS: $40 plus sanction fee plus jumps
16-way FS: $50 plus sanction fee plus jumps
10-way FS: $60 plus sanction fee plus jumps




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