USPA 2012 National Skydiving Championships

October 24, 2012 - November 04, 2012

October 24th November 3rd, 2012

Page will be updated as more information is made available.

Attention Argus owners:

Skydive Arizona had decided to allow Nationals competitors with an Argus installed in their rig if it has the manufacturer’s approval; however, SDA will institute a specific gear check for Argus-installed rigs, and those competitors may be required to sign a separate hold-harmless agreement acknowledging all liability related to their use of the Argus.

Here is some basic information regarding the 2012 USPA National Skydiving Championships hosted by Skydive Arizona". There will be more info coming, but please refer to this schedule and price info to start your planning!


Every competitor or alternate pays a general registration fee of $50 for facilities, banquets, shirt, etc. Videographers are considered competitors. After that, cost is entry fee per event, plus jumps. Entry fees are based on the estimated number of participants sharing costs for their event. Jump costs are based on a fuel cost of less than $3.00 per gallon. In the event that fuel rises above that, jumps will be raised in proportion. Each one dollar in extra fuel cost adds about $1.50 to the jump price. Rule changes affecting number of rounds, judges, etc. may also affect costs.

2,500 4,000 feet: $22

4,001 9,000 feet: $23

9,001-13,000 feet: $24

FS/VFS: $100 plus jumps per competitor for the first event. $50 plus jumps for each additional event.

CF: $150 plus jumps for the first event, $50 plus jumps for each additional event.


Freefly: $75 plus jumps

Freestyle: $125 plus jumps

Both events: $150 plus jumps

S&A: $200 for one or both events, plus jumps.

US National Skydiving Championships FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Thanks for your interest in the coming United States Parachute Association’s National Skydiving Championships. Below are some questions we commonly hear. If yours is not answered, please contact us for more information!

Contact Information

For payment questions, team rooms, RV hook-ups, etc. contact our manifest at 520-466-3753 or

For questions about rules and competition procedures, contact the Meet Director, Bryan Burke.

For questions about sponsorship opportunities, contact Karl Meyer: or 520-466-3753.

What's the schedule? It looks like some days there will be multiple events running.

First let's distinguish between Disciplines and Events. The Disciplines are Style and Accuracy, Artistic Events, Formation Skydiving, and Canopy Formation. Within each Discipline there are two or more events. For example, in the Formation Skydiving (FS) Discipline, the events are 4-way, 8-way, 10-way, 16-way, and VFS.

A competitor can enter any or all of the Events in a Discipline. A competitor cannot enter Events in different Disciplines unless they are scheduled at different times. For example, a competitor could enter Accuracy and CF, or Freefly and VFS, because there is no schedule overlap in the Disciplines. A competitor can not enter both FS and CF because the two will be running simultaneously.

Within each Discipline, the schedule is designed to allow meet management to deal with weather problems. Using FS for an example, 4-way and 8-way are scheduled to run from Monday through Thursday. This does not mean that the two events will take place simultaneously. The reason teams must be on site throughout the four days is that if we lose the first two days to weather, we will run some 4-way as well as some 8-way in the last two days to get both events a fair number of jumps. Conversely, if it looks as though the last two days would be lost to weather, we would need to run some 8-way during the first two days.

If the weather looks great, we will run all of 4-way and then all of 8-way. In this situation the 8-way draw would be held back until completion of 4-way and the registration extended so interested competitors could form 8-way teams.

The bottom line, though, is competitors only doing 4-way or only doing 8-way must be available to jump all four days in case we have weather problems.

Other Disciplines will run in a similar manner.

Where can I get a copy of the rules and the dive pool?

Rules can be found at On the home page, go to "USPA Members." There you can click on "Downloads" and look for the Skydiver's Competition Manual. (SCM) If this is your first time at the Nationals read Section 1 carefully, as well as reading the section specific to the events you are interested in.

Can I fly in the tunnel during the Nationals?

The rule regarding use of the tunnel during competition is SCM 1-1.6.B.

"Except at the discretion of the Meet Director and with the concurrence of the Chief Judge, once a sequential freefall event begins, no competitor or team in that event will be permitted wind tunnel use, and no competitor in any event other than canopy piloting will be allowed training, or fun jumps."

The discretionary power was created to enable professional tunnel coaches to compete while still performing their work duties. For the purpose of this rule, the Meet Director considers a “sequential freefall event” to include all freefall events where one scoring maneuver is followed by another scoring maneuver. Technically an event begins once the draw is made and ends when the competitors are officially released from that event after all rounds are complete or the scheduled competition days are over. In practice this means you should not book any tunnel time when your event is on the schedule, including the evening prior to the start of competition jumping, if you are competing in FS-4, -8, or -16, Artistic Events, Style, or VFS.

Naturally we expect the tunnel to be heavily booked in this time frame, so if you want to fly in the tunnel, schedule your days well in advance.

One of my team mates isn't a US citizen. Can we compete?

Whether a team or individual is eligible to compete is spelled out in SCM, Section 1-14. Teams that do not meet the eligibility requirements for medals can still compete as Guest Competitors. The Meet Director for the 2011 National Championships extends an open invitation to teams wishing to participate as Guests as defined in 1-1.4.C.

We don't have a dedicated videographer. Can Skydive Arizona" provide one?

Teams are required to provide their own videographer. Most of the experienced videographers at Skydive Arizona" will already be committed to a team. Do not count on being able to find a videographer at the Nationals.

I'm on a 4-way team. Some of us want to do 8-way. How hard is it to find a pick-up team?

Lots of 4-way teams combine with other teams to enter 8-way, 10-way, or 16-way. We can try to help you find team mates by posting the names of interested teams and keeping a list of people seeking a pick-up team at the registration area.

Why is the entry fee for FS so much less than other events?

Entry fees are based on projected participation and the expenses related to the event. Smaller events have fewer people sharing the costs of staff and equipment so they cost more to run.

Do you take checks?

The only checks we accept are in-state. The bank must be in Arizona and the writer must have a valid Arizona Driver's license. Otherwise, payment can be by cash or credit card.

Are there packers available? Can we bring our own packer?

Skydive Arizona" does have lots of packers. All are riggers or under direct supervision by riggers. However, during major events such as this they are very busy. It is a good idea to make arrangements with a packer as soon as you arrive rather than waiting until competition starts. Teams who want to bring their own packer may do so, but that person can only pack for the team. They may not pack for hire for anyone outside of their specific team and must pack in accordance with the FARs as follows.

Sec. 105.43 Use of single-harness, dual-parachute systems

No person may conduct a parachute operation using a single-harness, dual-parachute system, and no pilot in command of an aircraft may allow any person to conduct a parachute operation from that aircraft using a single-harness, dual-parachute system, unless that system has at least one main parachute, one approved reserve parachute, and one approved single person harness and container that are packed as follows:

(a) The main parachute must have been packed within 180 days before the date of its use by a certificated parachute rigger, the person making the next jump with that parachute, or a non-certificated person under the direct supervision of a certificated parachute rigger.

Have your team packer bring a copy of their FAA Rigger's Certificate.

Our team has some sponsors and we would like to display their logos. Is that OK?

We understand the needs of sponsors but any display of commercial logos other than that worn by team members must be approved in advance by Skydive ARIZONA". Please do not bring stickers to put on aircraft, bathroom walls, etc. We will remove them immediately from all aircraft and most facilities, and prefer not to be put to that trouble. Teams placing in the medals will have an opportunity for photos on the podium with sponsored gear but will not be allowed to bring it on the podium during the actual medals presentation.

Can we set up a team account?

With the number of teams at the Nationals, accounts are not practical. Team rates for practice jumps are available for teams meeting certain minimums. Contact our manifest for details.

Do you have team rooms?

We have several 4-and 8-way team rooms with basic living accommodations. There are also some team video rooms available. Book early with our manifest, all rooms go fast during this event!

We're coming in an RV. Do you have hook-ups?

We have several full hook-ups and some electric-only. Like team rooms, these go fast during the Nationals.

Your information on costs links the jump price to fuel prices. How much will jumps cost?

Since we submitted our bid, jet fuel has increased in price by slightly over 25%. As of June 1, 2011, our list price for a full altitude jump is $24. If fuel increases significantly we may add a little to that. The final price will be fixed by two weeks prior to the event.

What's the weather like in October?

Usually it is perfect for skydiving. Typically temperatures will reach a high in the mid-80s. At night it will cool off into the 50s. At altitude it may be below freezing for the first few hours of jumping.

Where's the closest motel?

The Sky Rider Inn is right on the drop zone, and many others are within a few miles. A complete list with contact information can be found on our web site at this link to our lodging page.

I'll be in Eloy during the Nationals, but don’t plan to compete. Will there be fun jumping?

Yes, although competition is the priority, there will fun jumping and student jumps. However, due to the high traffic volume there will be times when certain activities such as low passes, high openings, tracking, and wing suit jumps will be restricted. Be sure to check with the manifest before planning any of those activities.

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