Freefly Money Meet

February 18, 2012 - February 19, 2012

February 17-19, 2012

Registration Forms: HERE

Rules: HERE


In each of five rounds you will be randomly matched with a different partner of similar flying ability. Your partner in each round will be competing against you on other teams during the other rounds.

A sequence of compulsory moves will be drawn from the dive pool below. Each round will have a different draw. You and your partner for that round gain one point each time you correctly perform a move in the order of the draw.

A video pool camera flyer will record the dives. Your score for each round will be added up. The person with the highest score wins.

For a list of the rules click HERE

Competition Schedule

February 17 (Friday)

*Registration closes at 5 pm

*6:30 pm meeting for anyone interested in camera pool

*7:00 pm mandatory competitors’ briefing in the main hanger

Dive pool draw followed by draw for teams, including manifest order

February 18 (Saturday)

*8:00 am take off for round one

Our goal is to complete all five rounds on Saturday. Individuals can expect a minimum of thirty minutes on the ground between jumps. Since team composition changes with every round, meet management will adjust jump order to provide all competitors with an equitable amount of time on the ground.

February 19 (Sunday)

*Complete any unfinished rounds starting at 8:00 am

*Awards Ceremony

Registration The registration fee covers the cost of the camera flyers, prize money. The registration deadline is Friday, February 17th at 5 pm and the cost is $93.00, plus five jumps.

How to Register Complete the registration form inside manifest or find it attached HERE. Pay your registration fee to the manifest office. Purchase five jump tickets at the Manifest Office. You can use block rate tickets during the event. Call the Skydive Arizona Manifest Office (520) 466-3753 for information on block rates.

The registration form, registration fee and five jump tickets are due no later then Friday, February 17th at 5:00 pm.

Everyone registered must attend the MANDATORY competitors’ briefing on Friday, February 17th at 7:00 pm! If you are unable to attend the briefing, you will not be able to participate in the competition.

Please contact for any questions.


Camera Pool If you are interested in flying camera pool you must be fully confident in your freefly video skills. It is essential that you are able to keep the flyers in frame and get the points on video. A clear presentation to the judges is the only requirement; the team is not scored on any artistic aspect of the camera flying. If you are participating in the competition you are also welcome to join the Camera Pool provided you have two rigs and can do back to back loads. Slots and pack jobs will be covered through registration.

For more information e-mail Amy at

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